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If you feel guilty about your eating and exercise habits, and if you’re afraid you can’t take the weight off for good, then this program is for you.

I use to feel the same way. Then I became a doctor of exercise science and nutrition and learned the real science behind being healthy that is buried beneath all the fad diets and bad advice out there.



Are you sick of trying to lose weight and giving up? You aren’t a failure, those lame diets are. You WILL be successful if you learn how to create a healthy lifestyle in a way that works for YOU. Here’s how:



Here’s what you get with the 60 Day Program:


Lifestyle tips:

These are sent straight to your email each week and are so simple to implement.


Comprehensive video classes

Learn the truth about how to eat right and enjoy your life, No juice cleanses! Most take 20 minutes or less out of your day. There’s practical action steps so you can start to implement the information and get results immediately.

Here’s Some of What We’ll Cover:

  • How to spot the 4 types of foods that will fill you up without making you fat
  • 10 simple tricks to take in fewer calories without eating less
  • The #1 most common mistake that is sabotaging your diet
  • The secret about protein supplements that their makers don’t want you to know
  • Why “health food” is the wrong food
  • The big misconception about snacking and why understanding this could change everything
  • Why exercising doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight and what to do about it


They’re uniquely designed in a circuit so you’re getting both cardio and strength training in one calorie burning session.

  • easy to follow
  • require little equipment
  • take however much time you decide.



Choose from my top 12 firefighter-approved healthy meals for your new challenge recipe each week.

  • easy to cook with limited ingredients
  • healthy
  • delicious and filling



  1. Fast Food guide: what to order at popular fast food restaurants
  2. Snack guide: great choices for snacks on the go
  3. Me: unlike other weight loss products, you have access to an expert who can answer your questions throughout the 60 Days.


Lifetime access:

You’ll have access to all this content forever! Come back to it whenever you need. 




Join this challenge and expect for your pants to get looser, your peers to notice and your loved ones to appreciate how much better you look and feel.

Or don’t and keep feeling guilty, keep letting your weight creep up, and keep trying more fad diets only to end up in the same spot or worse.


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“I did this program and after continuing it (with very little modifications) I’m down over 105 lbs total in the past 18 months! I’ve completed 2 5k runs recently and continue to do exercises daily thanks to this program! It is fantastic! Easy to follow, easy to understand and has provided me with some awesome results!” -Andy Mattox (see picture)

The cost of your program is the best money I have ever spent!!!

“My uniforms fit better as do all my clothes! I had a wonderful sense of feeling good! I felt like I was treating myself and family with respect. I’m down 18 pounds from when I started, I feel like “me” again. Like many in firefighting, I’ve always considered myself an athlete. Eating like I was, and having a gut was demoralizing. I was becoming that guy that I said I never would. I feel good and confident again! The most exciting part is the feeling that I’m doing it right! Not some fad diet program or magic pills. Eating healthy, not like a sugar craving pig, and exercising smart! Your video classes were my favorite part – down to earth and honest, no flash and hype. The cost of your program is the best money I have ever spent!!! Compare it to a box of Advocare Shakes! Or compare it to “30/10”! We spent over $1000 for me to lose 20 pounds last year! I lost the weight, starving myself by eating dehydrated food, but gained it back within a couple months. I truly think you are under charging!” -Marty Roberts

“I joined the program expecting weight loss but I am much happier with the way I feel- I gained confidence, education and routine. This program has also helped me work on “me” and not giving into my daily excuses.” – Sara Cassese

“My results speak for themselves. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I managed to shed 8 pounds over the 2 months. My clothes fit so much better, and I think I gained some muscle by altering my workout routine as well. Overall, I mostly feel better in clothes that didn’t fit me well just a few months ago. The most exciting thing that I got out of participating in the program. Tools for life – as I explained to you earlier, I’ve tried just about every diet out there with mixed results. Sometimes spectacular, sometimes not so great. All the diets shared a common theme – unsustainability. Rebound weight would eventually come and boredom with the food plan would lead to cheating and then abandonment of the plan. I have been receiving your emails for a few years now, I think. I eventually decided this spring “why not, it’s just $50”. I had no idea what to expect, and expectations were low. Low, due to me seemingly not being able to shed weight for several years, despite what I tried. Now, I believe my results speak for themselves. I can’t thank you enough. The step by step videos helped me reset my thinking. The ability to reach out to you for encouragement and with questions was huge.”

“I lost 13lbs. and 2”. I feel more confident. I truly liked both the life lessons and the workout programs. The workouts are helpful and a good change from regular workouts, and I also feel the lessons will be a helpful building block for a healthy lifestyle. Being over 50 years old, I was hesitant about the work outs…I thought they might be tailored to younger guys, but was pleased that I could go at my own pace and not get injured.” – Bryan Russell

“I can now fit in jeans with a waist 6 inches smaller than what I was wearing before”

“After 60 days, I can now fit in jeans with a waist 6 inches smaller than what I was wearing before I started. I was able to put on a 2XL jacket and zip it for the first time in years. I definitely feel less tired. My energy level is way up throughout the entire day.”

“When I started the program I had no faith that anything would actually happen. I THOUGHT I was eating healthy, and I was just giving in to a slowly increasing weight because of age. However, once you gave me focus through the Challenge, I now see the small tweaks that I’ve been able to make to the way I eat — and so far 16 lbs down (and another notch in the belt!).” -Micheal Setterington

“This program is amazing. Dr. Moore has found a way to keep you motivated”

“This program is amazing. There is a lot of information to take in, but the way it is presented makes it easy to follow. The workouts are not made to be impossible. Dr. Moore has found a way to keep you motivated even if you fall off the wagon now and then. I will definitely be watching the classes over again to learn the things I missed. I have never been one to weigh myself but after 60 days, I feel better, look better, and my clothes and turnouts fit much better! Thank You Dr. Moore for this program. Definitely recommend this to anyone who knows they need to do something to get themselves back… works!” -Damian McMillan

“I will be sharing my experience in the 60 Day Challenge with my department. I highly recommend Dr. Moore’s program. It’s real and not filled with ‘buy this snake oil’!” – Martin Roberts

“This is so easy. I just buy the right foods, and it’s really not that hard to substitute something healthy. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. This stuff works!!!” -Scott Sollenberger

“I feel much better and stronger.”

“I lost around 10 to 15 pounds and about 3-4 inches off of my waist. I feel much better and stronger. The best results are the knowledge of eating better and how to look at food labels. It’s important to get the information from someone who has training in this area and not just some guy at the gym. I liked the videos with the nutritional information and that there was live time access to them. The recipes were good also. It turned out to be a good value.” -Kevin Ritcheson (see picture)

“I’m surprised at how easy it has been to incorporate not only the recipes and the workouts into my daily routine, but also the openness of my crew to buy into the challenge as well!!! Not only have I lost 12 pounds so far, I have reduced my average blood glucose readings by almost 50 points!!” -Mike Burch

“I feel more confident, less tired, and generally better.”

“I dropped 7 pounds and lost an inch on my waistline. I feel more confident, less tired, and better that I’m generally eating better. I’m cooking better at home for the family and for the shift at work. Even my kids are into it! I really enjoyed the classes, they opened my eyes to a lot of information and falsehoods! Also, I learned that I do like doing circuit training and I’m enjoying the results. I was a little hesitant about the cost at first but figured it’d be worth it (and it was!).” -Keith Hipsley

“I feared that I wouldn’t stay with it. But eating healthy has been the easiest part. Now I feel great and plan to keep this lifestyle of eating and working out. And I love the fact I can share this with others.” -Randy Hill

“It was GREAT information and well worth it!”

“It has short classes with information that is easy to understand and implement, great work outs that are easy to adapt to your personal ability level, and tasty recipes. I was hesitant about the cost but it was GREAT information and well worth it!! For all it includes, it is very reasonably priced.” -Susan Chandler

“I now feel more confident in achieving weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The advice to add healthier choices instead of eliminating current not so healthy foods was an aha moment for me. I have been on a no red meat, Atkins and MediFast diets. So I was hesitant that it would be nothing new or some crazy Tae Bo kick boxing thing. This one was unique in that you were able to apply first hand experience with firefighters and the culture. I feel those hesitations did not account for the dynamic science of modeen health and nutrition. I really liked how the program rolled out weekly. I looked forward to the emails and short video clips.

“I was hesitant about being able to do it. But I loved everything.”

“After participating in this program I feel more capable to move efficiently. The most exciting thing I got out of it is my lifestyle change. Before purchasing the program I was hesitant about being able to do it. But I loved everything.”

“I have lost about 40 pounds. I’m down to my high school weight. I plan meals for shift and home that are now well rounded and healthy. I saw a significant drop in my blood pressure and I just took my physical fitness test and passed it with much more ease than I did in the past, because I utilize a workout routine now that doesn’t cause any other issues.” -Matthew Hoffman

“After watching Dr. Moore’s classes I was able to lose 40 pounds and I’ve kept most of it off for a year now.” -Kevin Fulsher

“the weight is literally melting off”

“Dr. Moore, I’ve incorporated what I learned in your classes and the weight is literally melting off. I’m down a total of 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Thank you!” -Sadie Bernt, firefighter wife

“I am so grateful for the challenge, it is completely unlike anything I have tried before, in a good way. So far I am loving this and I get to workout at home with my husband, which is fun!” -Kristen Nafziger, firefighter wife

“After working with Karlie on my diet I feel better, have increased strength and I’ve actually saved money buying healthy food vs packaged stuff. I would recommend her program to people who are afraid that changing their diet will require a huge change in their lifestyle because she makes it pretty easy to make good choices that are simple and reasonable, and she doesn’t demand you give up all unhealthy food.” -Charlie Severson

“the guys on my shift notice my lifestyle change and weight loss”

“I think my biggest surprise is how I get full faster. I don’t need to eat as much. Another BIG surprise is how the guys on my shift notice my lifestyle change and weight loss. They are starting to ask questions wanting to eat better themselves.” -Dwayne Murphy

“It has surprised me how easy it has been to stick with the program, try and eat new meals and “slowly” start eating better. The consistency has been awesome.” -Morgan Thomas

“Before purchasing the program I was not sure I would be able to stay with it. But I lost 6 pounds and feel more energy by eating better. The best thing I got out of the program is just feeling better about making better food choices. I wouldn’t change anything about the program and my favorite part was the classes on nutrition.” –Mike Soltwisch

“I am extremely glad I paid for the program”

“During the program I lost 12 pounds. I have lost another pound or two since but have gone down about 2 1/2 inches in my waist. I definitely feel better and being a diabetic, my blood sugars are closer to what makes my doctor happy. I don’t feel as full or bloated after I eat since adjusting my diet and portion size. I seem to have more energy on calls and working harder during training. The most exciting part of the program was how easy it was once I got into it. The workouts were as challenging as you wanted to make them yet easy to set up and start. Since like most firemen, i really like to eat and occasionally over eat. The recipes were quick and simple enough to make on shift and were well liked by the crew. I enjoyed the social part of the program as well and I am extremely glad I paid for the program.” –Mike Burch

“It is a fantastic program! It makes so much sense and is very doable. Love the workouts, totally different from the “treadmill, free weight” stuff I’ve done for years. Plus, eating healthy feels good!!” – Martin Roberts

“I really liked the video lessons and the tangible actions steps with each lesson. I lost about 7 pounds and now, even after the program, I’m paying better attention to what I eat.” -Douglas Baily

“the best benefit is my lower blood pressure”

“Even after this program is over, I’m still able to make better food choices. Long term, the best benefit is my lower blood pressure.” -Sean Hines

“I lost 10 pounds. I feel better, learned some new things and was able to put them into practice.” -Mark Kroll

“Engaging people with common goals was encouraging and the most exciting thing about the program. I connected with a group of folks who were interested in health and fitness, and I refocused on my diet and the importance of healthy habits.” –Glenn Turner

“Hearing you talk, was like you were talking just to me!”

“I’ve lost ANOTHER 16 lbs! I’ve become much more motivated and have a ton more energy! My food choices continue to improve as well! I think the most exciting thing was seeing my wife become more motivated to eat better and cook better meals. This is helping my entire family to become healthier! I was a little hesitant after seeing the exercises…..not sure if I could do some of the “yoga” type moves, but I overcame that mental obstacle quickly! The meal tips were great. The videos were helpful with tons of extra information that many times gets “looked over”. Hearing you talk, was like you were talking just to me! It seemed to make more sense.” – Andy Mattox

“Very good experience. I really liked the videos and exercises. I’m eating better, I dropped 7 pounds and I’m back in my 33″ shorts! Thanks Dr. Karlie!” – Keith Hipsley

“I took this program over a year ago and I’m still benefiting from the results. Got me started on healthy eating. Thanks!” -Mike Setterington

“I had to buy new pants because my old ones are now too big”

“I feel much more informed about my food choices and have a better understanding of food labels. So far I have lost around 10 pounds and had to buy some new dress pants for a party because my old ones were to big. I have also heard comments from friends and family about how it looks like I have lost weight. All of this is very good but the greatest benefit from this is that I feel great. Thanks.” – Kevin Ritcheson

“I lost one inch around my waist, my workouts are noticeably better with more energy. When I eat right it makes me feel better. My favorite part about the program was learning the little differences that choices make.” -Stephen Rawson

“Without changing my whole diet, I’ve been changing my lifestyle. I’m saving calories here and there and implementing the other tricks you’ve taught us.” -Tony Riofro

“I recommend this program to everyone.”

“I lost 12 lbs. and went from 34″ waist to a 31! I feel more energetic and confident. The best part is getting motivated again and regaining my physical confidence. I had reservations about putting in the time to complete the program but now I’m glad I went through it and I recommend it to everyone. The workouts were quick and the program was easy to follow.”

“I have learned that I make lots of bad choices with my food. But I can correct at least some of it. And I now know when I make bad decisions not to feel guilty about it, just keep on working knowing that every little step is better than nothing.” -Mark Kroll

“Before purchasing the program I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but Karlie did an awesome job explaining things. I lost around 7lbs. and started working out more and eating healthier. My favorite part was all the practical tips.”

“I’m feeling healthier and having more energy every day…it’s amazing, thank you!”

“Check out Fit For Duty Consulting… I’ve lost 10 lbs in 60 days on her program!” -Rob Yencopal

Hi Karlie. I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for your program and all it’s done for me in the last couple months. I’ve lost 8 pounds and clothes fit better that didn’t fit not long ago. This plan is something I can continue for life, and that’s the most exciting part.”



Why am I offering this challenge?

When it comes to your health, are you sick of trying things and giving up because it’s not working and not enjoyable? There’s so much info online to wade through, it’s hard to know what’s a fad and what’s really safe and effective. I understand.


Over the years I’ve counseled a lot of firefighters and their spouses about health, fitness and nutrition. So I know that this is how you may be feeling:

  • You’ve let your weight creep up on you and you’re frustrated about it
    • You secretly wish you looked the way you did when you met your spouse
    • You know that being more fit and healthy would give you more energy and make you better at work, but you feel like that’s too hard to do
      • You fear that keeping the weight off for good means you’d have to change your lifestyle too much
      • You wish there was an easy fix – you could feel better and look better but still enjoy your life and eat what you want
  • You want to be healthier for your family but you just don’t know the right way to do it


You’ve probably tried some weight loss and fitness programs that didn’t stick. Here’s why they may not have worked:Strict diet

  • You went overboard. You tried to cut out way too many calories and only eat “health foods” that you don’t actually like.
  • You followed a specific meal plan and got sick of it or didn’t know how to continue once you were done eating the food they told you to
  • You didn’t want to count calories or points, or think so much about food anymore!
  • You were doing an intense exercise program that you didn’t enjoy enough to stick with


You weren’t a failure, those lame diets were. NOBODY likes to be hungry or to feel like they’re depriving themselves and forcing food/exercise that they hate. You WILL be successful if you take the time to learn how you can create a healthy lifestyle in a way that works for you.

Imagine how life would be if:

  • you didn’t feel guilty about what you eat all the time
  • you could look and feel your best while still enjoying the foods you like
  • you could get healthier for yourself and your family without being labeled as the guy/girl who’s “dieting”
  • you could take off the weight that’s dragging you down FOR GOOD

Like I said, the reason I know that all these things may be true for you is because I’ve been counseling firefighters and their wives on getting healthier for years. And actually, I use to have these feelings too. Yep, I too use to have some extra pounds I wanted gone, but I didn’t know how to lose weight while still enjoying my life. Instead I just felt guilty about what I ate and bad about myself because I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be.

Then I went to graduate school and became a doctor of exercise science and nutrition. I learned the science-based, non-bias, not-for-profit information about being healthy that is unfortunately buried beneath all the fad diets and misinformation out there.

I quickly realized that what I’d learned about having a healthy weight is not common sense, yet once you know it, it’s so easy to implement. And so, my strategy became this: make SIMPLE changes to YOUR current lifestyle that have a BIG payoff.

Ultimately – and what none of the fad diet pushers tell you – is that you have to permanently adopt the changes you make to lose weight. Otherwise, you’ll just gain the weight back.

Now, after having served so many firefighters within my physical reach, I want to help firefighters and their spouses all over the world to lose weight and get healthier by offering my program online.


The Challenge is currently not open for registration. Get on the waitlist to be notified about the next round  at